Welcome to the Belgrade Brooten Elrsoa Let’s Go Fishing Chapter

Fishing and boating is such a common past-time for Minnesotans and we may often take for granted how easy it is for many of us to enjoy our state’s beautiful lakes and rivers. LGF returns the outdoor experience to those whom might not otherwise have the opportunity to fish, boat or enjoy time with friends on the water. Since our inception in 2002, we have served over 130,000 seniors, youth, veterans and disabled adults. Today 27 LGF chapters exist throughout Minnesota and 1 in Wisconsin.

For our guests, LGF is more than just an opportunity to go fishing. Our program returns a sense of freedom to the lives of our guests, provides a safe opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, and offers time to socialize with peers and meet new friends. Thanks to the dedication of roughly 2,300 volunteers LGF is successfully bringing communities together and enhancing the lives of thousands of Minnesotans.

Each year we see a growing demand from individuals, organizations and communities for our services. As we look to the future, we hope to bring our unique program to new communities throughout Minnesota and beyond. With your help we can continue to bring joy to the lives of thousands of individuals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals through fishing and boating excursions that strengthen communities, build relationships and create memories.

With the help of thousands of volunteers, Let’s Go Fishing is getting people out on the water six days a week, May through September.  Therapeutic Benefits The benefits of a trip go far beyond the lake — promoting socialization and independence while giving hope to those suffering from loneliness, depression and isolation.

What We Do

Outings can be scheduled weekly with your local chapter during the spring, summer and fall months. Each excursion is approximately 2 hours. There is no cost to participants except for a current fishing license (if applicable).

Who We Serve

• Senior Citizens • Groups and Individuals • Nursing Homes • Assisted Living Centers • Veterans • Widows and Widowers • Social Service Agencies • Hospice Patients • Disabled Adults • Church Groups • Adult Day Care Centers • Youth

What We Provide

• Safe, handicapaccessible pontoons • Life vests • Rods and reels • Live bait • Refreshments • Volunteer fishing guide • LOTS OF FUN!

Meet the Team of Volunteers

We are a team of dedicated volunteers, ready to do what ever it takes to help you enjoy your time with us.

Dave Bertram
Dale Braegelman
Betty Braegelman
Darren Braegelman
Matt Bullard
Sandy Czycalla
Jodi Carda
Kent Carda
Rev. John Dalen
Josie Dingmann
Matt Dingmann
Shelly Eckstien
Julius Evenson
Mandy Fischer
LeRoy Felten
William Frikken
Mike Grassinger
Gary Haider
Kay Halvorsen
Ron Halvorsen
John Heinze
Carol Huffman
Dean Huffman
Wayne Huffman
Andy Illies
Micki Kotz
Ron Isdahl
Doug Mohs
John Olmscheid
Bruce Paulson
Jerry Rapp
Ernest Ruchti
Wayne Schoeppach
Stanley/Marilyn Stanger
Chris Tschida
Rick Tschida
Gary Theis
Karen Theis
Brenda Thompson
Leslie Thompson
David Weller
Paul Weller
Mark Weller
Kevin/Micki Weller
Don/Sandy Westaby
Bruce Wing
Dan Wold
Char Wold
Earl Zenzen